Friday, 13 July 2012

Tools for Teaching

When I was at school our teacher used to write on a huge blackboard, that rolled round the frame, so that it was in effect 3 blackboards.

Fast forward to 2005 when my second child started school and his classroom had an interactive white board. The teacher used a special pen to write on it or select one of the tools that were intergrated into it.

Possibly cleaner than chalk but there is the absence of the wooden block eraser to launch across the classroom at the kids who aren't paying attention - but then teachers aren't allowed to do that these days!

And homework. I remember having to go to the library to find books.Read the passage I needed then try to recreate it a few sentances at a time in my own words, so it usually ended up longer than the piece in the book or I read it all then tried to write about it only to find I'd forgotten some vital piece of information (Oh wait, was that just me?) Nowadays the kids go onto the web and either print the information off and write it up, or more likely, cut, paste and edit. But at least they can insert pictures instead of trying to draw them (I'm not sure my drawing ever inhanced my homework).

Today teachers boards are somehow magically synched to their laptops so presentations appear on the wall and a favourite tool seems to be Youtube clips and why not if it makes the learning more fun.

Whether you are a teacher or one of the growing number of home teaching parents, (or a parent who wants to entertain their child on a wet day) then a great resource for you is The Literacy Shed. The website is full of ideas and videos that will enhance your teaching.