Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Elemental Friends



 Janalya had to leave her parents at a young age to go and live in the air elemental settlement of Anilthar. Here she could be trained in her new powers.
Many years later, she is searching for others of her kind, and trying to avoid discovery by a rogue pack of Shatara.
If she does find new elementals what will happen? Her life must surely change.

 Sulee is Janalya's first friend on arriving in Anilthar. Together they learn how to control their power and form a strong bond. Janalya moves in with her new found friend's family and is brought up like a sister. Whilst Sulee is sorry to see Janalya leave her life is about to change too.
Enlil is the last in this trio of friends. Although slightly older than the girls, he is still trying to master being an air elemental when Janalya first arrives. Whilst training with the others the lessons finally make sense, and together they learn how to manage their powers. Enlil an Sulee fall in love and they pledge their lives to one another before Janalya is sent on her quest.
Find out what becomes of the three friends in Janalya.
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I hope you enjoyed reading about these elementals. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about them. Thanks for reading,

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Inspired but not sure GK Chesterton would be amused.

I was watching Father Brown on tv last night, my son, who had been on his laptop, shut it down and started watching too. My husband joined us just as a character was discovered dead. Nothing unusual in that considering the stories involve murder but what was unfortunate was the character's name and where he died. That led to much hilarity and the penning of a silly story - let me explain.

The character was Edward but everybody called him Ned. Ned was discovered on his bed with a gunshot wound to his head - Can you see where this is going? You're right -so here it is the story of Ned's demise courtesy of my teenage son, will bits lobbed in by my husband (and, okay I admit it, me too).

Ned's dead in his bed, shot in the head.
It must be said that he did bled red (yes I know that's not good grammar but it fitted)
He was found by Ted after the killer fled.
If you want to take the body, first lightly tread, after being fed a slice of bread.
Take the body on a sled and hide it in the shed.

Complete silliness, but it kept us entertained. Whilst all authors are pleased if their work inspires others to write I'm not sure GK Chesterton would agree - so to him, I apologise.

The series is well worth watching, although I may only watch from now on whilst I'm alone.