Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Time to write - UPDATE

Firstly I want to Thank You for reading my Time to write post last week - it had the most views of any of my blog posts. I appreciate you taking the time to read it.

Secondly, as way of an update, I wanted to let you know that the 5 minutes a day writing at the train station has worked! I have finished the first chapter for my new story and spent one evening typing it up - and the next few correcting errors and bad typing.

 Hopefully I will find some more time during the day to work on it eventually but until then I have my notepad ready to take with me tonight, when chapter two will get underway.

Wishing you all happy reading and writing,



Monday, 10 March 2014

Time to write

One of the things you hear people who write say is that there isn't enough time with everything else going on - and this is quite often true. Other authors advice is often to set aside any time possible - even if it's only 5 minutes -  to write every day.  Now 5 minutes doesn't sound much and might make you think - why bother? what can I get done in 5 minutes?

Well I've been having that trouble lately, through being busy and I admit some good old fashioned procrastination, my editing is not coming on as quickly as I would like.  I had an idea for a new story (but only half an idea which isn't unusual for me) but I don't like working on two stories at once so I made some notes and was going to leave it alone but I found myself worrying about that new story, I was losing the vision for it.

I started making more notes when I sat in the car at the train station waiting to pick my daughter up, then a week ago I took my paper with me and started writing. The first time I only got a couple of sentences written before the train pulled in, but each day I added some more. Then if my daughter's train was late or she'd had to get the later one I had more time to write. I now have a page and a half of an A4 pad covered with the first chapter. This is a good start and all done during "wasted" time. I've actually found myself looking forward to picking her up and on Friday when my husband picked her up instead I found myself looking at my notepad and missing my writing time. Obviously at some point I'm going to have to put in more time but if it keeps this story ticking over and leaves me home time to work on my edits for my other story then I think it is well worth it and proves that 5 minutes a day is a good starting place.

So whatever time you can find for writing - do it and good luck.

See you all again soon,