Sunday, 20 November 2016

A Beastly Christmas

 I've always loved fairy tales and one of my favourite is Beauty and the Beast. I would re-read it over and over, enjoyed the Disney version and any other film based on it.

Is it any wonder that my short Christmas story was inspired by the tale? But what if the roles were reversed and the male was the kind hearted one, and the female the "beast"?

A short story inspired by Beauty and the Beast, but with a modern twist – role reversal.
Tina needs help with her business paperwork in the run-up to Christmas. When Greg arrives instead of the PA she hired, she’s not happy.
Greg has to go to work for Tina because of staff shortages, he finds her short-tempered and unfriendly.
When he discovers an abandoned puppy, he’s nearly out of a job, but he can’t leave the dog to an uncertain fate.
Can Greg and a puppy work some Christmas magic to transform Tina

Discover this magical tale for yourself:

Amazon USA

Amazon UK

At the end of the story you'll also find a sneak peek for my next YA book to be published next year.



Friday, 2 September 2016

Transylvania Thank You

My daughter, Megan, is studying Conservation Biology and Ecology at University. She had the opportunity to go to Transylvania, Romania to help in an on-going study over the summer. This was their brief. This is a four week expedition to the agricultural region of the Tarnava Mare at the base of the Carpathian Mountains. We will be assessing the health and biodiversity of the region - trying to protect one of the richest grassland habitats in Europe. This area supports important populations of large mammals; the European Brown Bear population, in particular, is one of the largest globally.

This is closest she got to the bears which was a bit sad, they reckoned they were about an hour behind them.
Early morning to get the birds

 The benefit to early mornings was the sunrise:
Although if the mist came in that was beautiful too:
 She had an amazing time, got some great experience and learnt lots too, and is going back to uni eager to get on with her learning.
So a huge thank you to everybody who bought things through her fundraising website, bought raffle tickets or who gave her things. A big shout out to James Wilson for paying for a hotel room at the airport and Gerry from who gave her a very generous donation that paid for internal transport and the raft of vaccinations that were needed.
 Thank you all. Marie & Megan.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

One Month On

Hi, everybody. One month since the box set A Breath of Paranormal was released.

From sweet young adult to darker new adult, there's something for everyone in these tales of shapeshifters, witches, elementals, time travel and psychics. Penned by ten award-winning and best-selling authors, this extraordinary boxset will leave you breathless!
I'm delighted to tell you that sales are going well, and we've had some great reviews (many of them 5*) - here are a handful of quotes:
“Read these new books and fall in love with new writers too.”
“A great way to get to know new authors and different books to read.”
“I love paranormal books and this set didn't disappoint. I definitely recommend to readers.”
There is still time to get the set for 99p/99c or less, so head over to these sites:
We hope you enjoy reading them, we can't wait to hear which one is your favourite.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Time to Breathe

I've just finished reading M.J. Rutter's book Time to Breathe. What a great read! The characters were believable and had depth to them, even the minor ones. they made you root for them, laugh with them, or want to punch them - oh wait, is that too violent? - make you dislike them.

Imagine having it all, fame, fortune, a hunky fiancĂ© and on top of that, to be adored by millions. Imagine how it would feel to have it all blow up in your face by way of public humiliation, what would you do? 

Waiting by the car stands Hunter Pearson, the limo driver. As his boss and world famous pop star, Sydney Marx runs towards him, he has no idea what has happened. She tells him she needs to get away and he just drives. 

She pleads with him to take her away from everything just for a few days and eventually he gives in, taking her to his home. A farm in Up-State New York where his daughter, Callie, lives with his parents. Bringing home visitors is new for loner, Hunter, and when that one visitor is a famous pop star, he is surprised by his family's reaction to her. They adore her and accept her into their home. Hunter is not exactly the host of the year and Sydney has more issues than he would care to know about. Will they find a common ground, or will it all end in fireworks?
This is a special weekend for M.J. Rutter because her new book is out.

“I still love you, but more like the way I love my sister.” Those were the words that crushed all of Grace’s hopes and dreams in one foul swoop. Her life was put on hold and after nine months of waiting around, she found out the truth. Kevin was a liar and nothing he had said to her was ever the truth. True love couldn’t be real, because she had never known how it felt to be loved. 
Waiting for her life to change she decided to take a leap into the big unknown, take a new job in London and make that trip to LA without Kevin or his extra baggage. She was not looking for love, but it found her, she was not looking for him, but she found him and bumping into business tycoon, Alec Richards’ breakfast and knocking it across the restaurant floor was one of the best things to happen to her, even if at the time she didn’t know it. 
“Maybe I am your kryptonite.” He smiled slightly, his warm brown eyes seem to dance in the sun. 

“Or I am yours,” I replied. 

Whether she wants to or not, the forces seem to be working in her favour and the holiday she started out alone, soon turns into an adventure of the heart. Discovering things about herself she never knew existed. Alec Richards has woken her beaten and battered heart and brought it back to life. Everything tells her it is too soon, that she could get hurt again, but her heart has a mind of its own… 

After all, if a heart that has been battered and broken is so ready to love again, then I have no choice but to trust it. 

Will the flames flicker out when they return to London, or will the oils that had soothed her, fuel the fire that burned so brightly on the other side of the pond? One thing she knows for sure, Alec Richards has changed her life, whether he is there forever or for a fleeting moment, she will never be the same again. 

A tale of two different worlds, two different lives being burst open and entwining together, Grace is certain that Alec is her happy ever after and that no matter what happens, he owns her heart now, completely. 
To order your copy, go to:

I wish her a very happy release day, and thank you for such an enjoyable read.


Friday, 15 July 2016

Grab the Popcorn


Grab your popcorn, or whatever munchies you fancy because my book trailer is finally finished.


And don't forget, at the moment you can buy Janalya as part of A Breath of Paranormal box set, so you get 10 books for the price of 1.

Happy Reading,


Tuesday, 12 July 2016

At War with the Panthers

So you've probably heard - I have been shouting out about it, a lot - that Janalya is in the box set A Breath of Paranormal. Today I'd like to share an excerpt with you.

Janalya is an air elemental, searching for others of her kind.

Katsuo is Shatara, a shape-shifting panther.

History decrees that they are enemies, but fate seems to be handing them different roles. Both of them have to leave their villages as young adults and through the years they meet several times.

When Janalya finds two teenagers, her problems really start. First, she not only has to find out how to train them, but how to avoid those that seek to do them all harm.

 What is Janalya’s true destiny, and is it more complex than even she knew? And how does Katsuo fit into it?



Kun sat on the edge of the bed, his elbows resting on his knees. His head dropped into his hands; it felt too heavy to lift again. He smelt the mud and sweat ingrained in his skin and wondered if he could smell blood too or if that was just his imagination.

He struggled to his feet and washed his hands in the basin of water. His tunic was shredded where the panther’s claws had slashed at him. Tearing it off, he threw it onto the floor. His skin was littered with scratches, and there was blood coming from a cut across his chest. He bathed the wound, but it wasn’t deep, so he covered it with a dressing and put on some clean clothes.

 He fell back onto the bed. His eyelids were heavy and he was losing consciousness when a cough brought him back.

“You’re wanted.”

Kun groaned and rolled off the bed, stumbling after the messenger.

Men, weary from fighting, were sitting huddled round fires. Some were having their wounds dressed; others were spooning thick stew into their mouths. The aroma of the hot meal made Kun’s stomach rumble. The hunger and fatigue nearly overcame him as a haze descended, and his head began to spin. His steps faltered as he took a deep breath, the blackness abated.

The messenger left him at the leaders’ tent – he took a moment before entering – once he was sure he was steady, he pushed the flap aside.

 Finton greeted him. The fire elemental showed signs of weariness and had a bandage around his arm, for he had been alongside Kun on the battlefield, leading the attack against the Shatara.

“What’s going on?” Kun whispered.

“Possible truce. The panthers halted their attack just after we left the field.”

“After two years of war – why now?” Kun’s exhaustion left instantly.

“See for yourself.” Finton stepped aside so that Kun could see into the middle of the tent.

Seated round the table were Mokosh, the water elemental and Carreen, representing the air elementals. Across from them was Fahd, the leader of the Shatara, the shape-shifting panthers.   One side of his face was scorched, but he was still trying to maintain a superior look. It wasn’t working. He appeared to be in pain, and his eyes were narrowed with anger.

“Let’s get it over with,” he snarled.

Finton and Kun took their seats at the table.

“The terms are simple. You can no longer capture humans or supernaturals and use them as your slaves. They are under our protection, and any such actions will result in a return to war,” Mokosh stated.

There was silence. Everybody was watching Fahd. His mouth twitched, but he said nothing. Then he snatched the quill and signed the document.

“Kun, please sign for the earth elementals.” Carreen passed the scroll after signing her own name.

Kun, Finton and Mokosh added their signatures.

“You have two days to withdraw the Shatara.” Carreen’s clipped tone drew a sneer from Fahd.

Kun had never seen anyone surer of themselves at their surrender. The Shatara must have been decimated for Fahd to have yielded now – not that you would have known it during the last battle; the panthers had been ferocious fighters.  He wondered if this was really the end of the trouble between the elementals and the Shatara.

“Kun, Finton, will you please escort Fahd from the camp.”

Fahd walked between them, his stride relaxed and measured. Out of the corner of his eye Kun saw faces looking out from the tents, watching as they ushered him out. He could feel the tension as their eyes followed Fahd’s footsteps.

Fahd stepped out of the camp and without acknowledging them further, quickened his pace. He was barely out of the perimeter before he shifted. Kun saw him run over to two other panthers who had appeared at the edge of the field. They turned as a group and disappeared into the shadows of the longer grass.

Amazon UK

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I hope you liked this sneak peek. To read more, and all the other great stories, go to one of the links whilst it's still at it's launch price of under $1/£1. And if you love them, we would love it if you could right a review or let others know.

Thank you.


Sunday, 10 July 2016

A Breath of Paranormal is Here

Release Day! There is nothing as exciting for an author, and today there are 9 other authors to keep me buzzing.

From sweet young adult to darker new adult, there's something for everyone in these tales of shapeshifters, witches, elementals, time travel and psychics. Penned by ten award-winning and best-selling authors, this extraordinary boxset will leave you breathless!
For a limited time this box set is under £1 / $1. To get your copy follow the links below:

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Barnes & Noble


Google Play

Happy reading and don't forget to let us know what you think, a review would be great.


Saturday, 9 July 2016

A Breath of Paranormal gains Elemental Power

Now it's time to tell you about my addition to A Breath of Paranormal.

Janalya is an air elemental, searching for others of her kind.
 Katsuo is Shatara, a shape-shifting panther.

History decrees that they are enemies, but fate seems to be handing them different roles. Both of them have to leave their villages as young adults and through the years they meet several times.

When Janalya finds two teenagers, her problems really start. First, she not only has to find out how to train them, but how to avoid those that seek to do them all harm.

 What is Janalya’s true destiny, and is it more complex than even she knew? And how does Katsuo fit into it?
Janalya achieved a readers' favourite five star award.

 Our box set:

I'm so excited to be part of this box set, and I hope you enjoy it.


A Breath of Paranormal is Magic

Magic is in A Breath of Paranormal with Teresa Roman's book, Daughter of Magic.

Teresa Roman's absolute favorite things in life are her family and books. Her passion for reading is what inspired her to become a writer. She loves the way stories can take you to another time and place.

Teresa currently live in beautiful Sacramento, CA with her husband, three adorable children and a doxiepoo named Parker that her son convinced them to adopt. When she's not at her day job or running around with her kiddos, you can find her in front of the computer writing, or with her head buried in another book. If you'd like to check out her book recommendations, or read an excerpt of her writing, she can be found at where you can also sign up for her newsletter for exclusive book release information.

Her Book:

Lilli sees things no one else does.

Desperate to make sense of the dreams and visions that have plagued her since childhood, Lilli confides in Devin, her closest friend, and the boy she's fallen for.

Instead of questioning her sanity, Devin confesses to secrets of his own, which are far darker. His revelations about magic, witches and demons stun Lilli. But it's what he knows about Lilli's mother, long believed to be dead, that leaves her feeling betrayed. Despite her anger, Lilli will have to learn to trust Devin again, because he is the only one who can protect her from a dark danger that's coming for her from a world away.

Only one more book to be revealed in our set before release day!


Later on I'll tell you about my own book Janalya, until then have a great day.


A Breath of Paranormal Psychic Abilities

Today A Breath of Paranormal is hosting a psychic - or rather her creator - Shereen Vedam.

Once upon a time, Shereen read fantasy and romance novels to entertain herself. Now she writes heartwarming tales braided with threads of magic and love, and mystery elements woven in for good measure. She’s a fan of resourceful women, intriguing men, and happily ever after endings that must be earned. If her stories whisk you away to a different realm for a few hours, then Shereen will have achieved one of her life goals.

A Golden Heart award finalist and a recent double RONE awards nominee, she has published novels with ImaJinn Books, an imprint of Belle Books, and short stories with The Wild Rose Press.

Her Book:

Child in Danger. Cops on their trail.
ROSE DEVLIN and her psychic friend SAGE TANTON race to save a child’s life, hoping in the journey to earn forgiveness for failing to rescue another lost child. That past humiliation left Sage terrified of the public learning about her incredible ability and Rose determined to protect her best friend from further pain.

So this time, trusting no one, they follow Sage’s extraordinary visions to track down the little girl’s whereabouts. Their actions hamper a police officer and his partner who are hot on a deadly money laundering case. When the officers come close to exposing Sage’s secret abilities, it unleashes Rose’s protective instincts.
In a rash bid to guard her friend, the two women switch identities. But can they save the child this time? Maybe, if they lower their guards and learn to trust more than just each other.

Our box set links: 

Release day is tomorrow, as you can imagine we're very excited. Only two more authors left so check back later.


Thursday, 7 July 2016

A Breath of Paranormal Grows Fangs

Day seven and we've found the vampires, thanks to Sharon Coady- what paranormal set would be complete without them!

Best Selling Author Sharon Coady lives in Florida with her husband, three of their daughters and five of their eleven grandchildren. She wrote two books before discovering Romance novels. She has published a romantic suspense, a Christmas romance novella and is sweet Christmas novella. She has five published works and is currently writing a Country Music Romance. When not working as a nurse for the Veterans Administration or writing she enjoys spending time with her family and riding behind her husband on their Harley.

Her Book:

It’s 1969 and 17-year-old Elizabeth is looking forward to the last summer before her senior year. During a family trip to Wheaton Plaza, she finds a book about the town where her father grew up. The author had written about vampires living amongst the town’s residents. When Elizabeth meets a handsome young man who agrees to help her do the research, she doesn’t know that her life is about to change forever. Vivid dreams of a house in the book start to haunt her. Not long after, a stranger contacts her and tells her he can explain the dreams she has been having about the house in the book. When she agrees to meet him she finds herself thrown into a world where magic and vampires do exist. Elizabeth finds she must join forces with this stranger not only to keep her family safe, but to keep this man and herself safe as well.
To buy this along with 9 other great stories:

Thanks for stopping by, see you tomorrow.

A Breath of Paranormal Glitch

A Breath of Paranormal author Brenda Pandos is here today with her time travel, dystopian novel which is an exciting edition to the set.

Brenda Pandos is the author of several books in a plethora of genres including The Talisman Series and Mer Tales, and Lost in Time. She lives in California with her husband and two rowdy boys, eight chickens and a grumpy cat, and loves to be contacted by readers.

Her Book:

Welcome to Brighton, where there is no crime, everyone knows the date of their death, and the people live in fear of what's on the other side of the wall.

Abigail has everything one could want--promise of a long life, potential for love, flawless genes and an amazing best friend. She's perfectly content until her dreams are crushed after seeing a glimpse into her future. One person warned her not to find out, the only person she's ever seen with blue-eyes: a handsome stranger who handed her an illegal slip of paper. Does she dare leave the wall and enter the zombie zone to find him and demand answers?

With that knowledge though comes a decision: fight or run. That is if Brighton doesn't get a hold of her and her powers first.
A Breath of Paranormal is available from multiple retailers which can be found by following the links below.
See you tomorrow to meet another of our 10 authors.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

A Breath of Paranormal Downfall

Today is all about secrets as I feature another Breath of Paranormal author. Meet S.D. Wasley.

S.D. Wasley was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia. She has been composing literary works since before she could write – at five years of age she announced her first poem in the kitchen, improv-style. About 20 years later she earned a PhD in communications. She writes in a range of genres including young adult, paranormal, mystery, new adult romance, and short stories.

Her debut novel was published in early 2015 through Evernight Teen. Today, she lives and writes in a wine region with her partner and two daughters, surrounded by dogs, cats and chickens.

Her Book:


The Incorruptibles Book 1

Furtive meetings in an underground chamber ... Latin words carved into a stone wall ... intense desire ... and a secret so elusive she’ll do almost anything to bust it open. Until now, Frankie never believed in grand passions—but that’s not the only one of her beliefs about to implode right before her eyes.

This could be Frankie’s downfall.

A mysterious addition to the set.

To order your copy go to one of these links: 

Tomorrow, join us for a trip in time.


Tuesday, 5 July 2016

A Breath of Paranormal Howls

E.A. Weston's addition to A Breath of Pranormal brings us nicely back around to werewolves with her short novel Bite Me: Lupo Legacy. But before telling you more lets find out about her.

E.A. Weston was born and raised in Dublin Ireland, She now resides in southern California. 

She is the best-selling author of New Adult contemporary, paranormal, and Fantasy romance novels. By day she stays at home with her daughter but each night she slips away to spin her tales and gets lost in her fantasy worlds. 
As an avid reader, Elizabeth enjoys anything with a bit of romance and a paranormal twist. When she's not writing or devouring her latest read, she can be found spending time with her family or watching movies. 

Elizabeth loves to hear from readers and you can contact her on her social media pages.

Bite Me: Lupo Legacy:

Emery Whitechurch is in love, in love with her best friend of thirteen years, Asher Carter. 
He doesn’t know, but Emery holds out hope of telling him one day and having their happily ever after. When Emery’s cousin Teegan, arrives for the summer she not only brings her smart mouth but a secret so wild Emery is shocked to the core. 

Episode one of Lupo Legacy - Bite me, follows Emery and Teegan as they become friends again over the summer bonding over a broken heart and the loneliness it brings. After Teegan is attacked in the woods behind their house, she spills her secret forcing Emery to rethink her whole life and what it means to be in her family. 
A Breath of Paranormal is available from these sellers:
So that's it for today, you guys have been awesome at reading each day and supporting us. There will be a story for everyone in this box set. so don't forget to keep reading.

Monday, 4 July 2016

A Breath of Paranormal - Goes Greek

Today we're going to ancient Greece with Victoria Pinder.

Victoria Pinder grew up in Irish Catholic Boston before moving to the Miami sun. She’s worked in engineering, after passing many tests proving how easy Math came to her. Then hating her life at the age of twenty four, she decided to go to law school. Four years later, after passing the bar and practicing very little, she realized that she hates the practice of law. She refused to one day turn 50 and realize she had nothing but her career and hours at a desk. After realizing she needed change, she became a high school teacher. Teaching is rewarding, but writing is a passion.
During all this time, she always wrote stories to entertain herself or calm down. Her parents are practical minded people demanding a job, and Victoria spent too many years living other people’s dreams, but when she sat down to see what skill she had that matched what she enjoyed doing, writing became so obvious. The middle school year book when someone wrote in it that one day she’d be a writer made sense when she turned thirty.
She's always been amazing, adventurous and assured. It's what gets her through the day.
Victoria would like to offer you a free copy of her novella Returning for Valentine's Day all you have to do is follow this link and sign up

 Her book:

Mything You Blurb

Theseus wasn’t looking for love. He set out to prove he was worthy of being a king’s son.

Ariadne hates the life chosen for her, which will leave her unhappy.

Princess Ari has always followed her father’s dictates. On her way to meet her bridegroom, she is attacked. Saved by Theseus, she tempts fate and follows him on his journey to Athens. If only she had a choice…

The Greek angle makes a nice change in A Breath of Paranormal box set and we hope you enjoy reading it too.

To buy: 

Join us tomorrow for another reveal


Sunday, 3 July 2016

A Breath of Paranormal - My Friend Jen

Day two of getting to know the authors of A Breath of Paranormal and I'm delighted to introduce you to Jennifer Loiske.
Jen and I met many years ago when we both had our stories accepted for publication. Alas the books never emerged, the publisher being a charlatan, but a friendship did, and we have since become founding members of Authors For Charity, so we have ample opportunity to work together.

Jennifer Loiske lives in Finland in Naantali, which is a small sunny town on the southwest coast. She is a Teen/YA paranormal fiction author, with four exciting series available worldwide. The McLean Twins series for teen readers, the Immortal Blood series for mature young adult readers, the Blood Hunters series, also for mature young adults, which is a follow-up for the Immortal Blood series and is created by the readers’ requests, and the Shape Shifter series for anyone aged 16 and up.
Jennifer’s stories are full of creatures of the night. Vampires, demons, witches, shape shifters… but even if they are mostly fiction you can find a hint of truth in every story. Jennifer loves to research, so every time she gets an idea or a new story she has a crazy Google session, looking for places, old myths, names, folklore, magical items… anything that could spice up her story and make it more real for the readers. Jennifer is also part of Authors For Charity, an international author alliance, and a team member of Epilepsy FI magazine. She is a pre-school teacher by profession.

 More about Jennifer:

Jen's book:

Part One of The Shape Shifter Series.
What if you woke up one day and noticed that everything you ever believed has been a lie? Your mom is not a human, but something way more dangerous. Something that shouldn’t exist. And she’s not alone. Your sister is deathly sick and she’s getting worse day by day. A dangerous predator, a guy who is exceptionally good looking, wants you and has this nonsensical obsession to get you no matter what. A merciless hunt begins and nothing is safe. Not even your hidden dreams…

Is your mom strong enough to protect your family? Can she escape her dark past or will it destroy her? Change is about to come and she is willing to do anything to spare her loved ones. Even murder if needed…
Imminence  is one of the YA books in our set.
To buy your copy of this box set:

kobobooks a-breath-of-paranormal 

Thanks for reading - I hope it's getting you excited to read our books. See you again tomorrow when I introduce another great author.