Thursday, 26 November 2015

You Can't Do It

Has anybody said those words to you - "You can't do it/that." How did they make you feel? Because after all, what they're really saying is that you're not capable of doing it. Did it make you stubborn, determined to do it to prove them wrong? Well, that's good. But what about if you believed those words? Were they just another statement in a long line of put downs that chipped away at your self confidence? Think how that would feel.

What can be done? You can grow a thick skin and not believe them, but seriously, how likely is it that that's really going to help? I know, not going to happen, is it?

What else then?

How about changing just one letter and apostrophe?

You Can Do It.

Look at the difference taking those out make. Now a negative statement is a positive one.

There will always be some things that people can't do, but we have to try for ourselves first. We don't need someone else telling us that we can't do it, but someone giving us encouragement and telling us we can, that's worth much more than stubborn determination.

So be sure to say "You can do it" to someone today or if it is yourself that needs telling "I can do it."  And you can - I believe it you.

Have a wonderful and positive day,