Sunday, 20 November 2016

A Beastly Christmas

 I've always loved fairy tales and one of my favourite is Beauty and the Beast. I would re-read it over and over, enjoyed the Disney version and any other film based on it.

Is it any wonder that my short Christmas story was inspired by the tale? But what if the roles were reversed and the male was the kind hearted one, and the female the "beast"?

A short story inspired by Beauty and the Beast, but with a modern twist – role reversal.
Tina needs help with her business paperwork in the run-up to Christmas. When Greg arrives instead of the PA she hired, she’s not happy.
Greg has to go to work for Tina because of staff shortages, he finds her short-tempered and unfriendly.
When he discovers an abandoned puppy, he’s nearly out of a job, but he can’t leave the dog to an uncertain fate.
Can Greg and a puppy work some Christmas magic to transform Tina

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At the end of the story you'll also find a sneak peek for my next YA book to be published next year.