Friday, 29 June 2012

Thank Crunchie it's Friday

Those of you over a certain age and living in Britain may well remember the title line from an advert for chocolate, appropriate as chocolate has helped me get through this strange week - as well as numerous cups of tea. This week has been as varied as the weather. Let's start with the weather, lots of cloud, some sun (quite warm, although thankfully about 10 degrees less tha some were enduring)rain and strong winds; def think it has forgotten it's June. The rain Wednesday night brought with it Saharan sand which it deposited all over my black car - I know it was from the Sahara and not from the beach a couple of miles away because the lady showed me a graphic whilst giving me the weather forecast - How nice of her! Perhaps today's rain will wash it away again.
Kids - 12yr old is same as ever, either very vocal or shut in his room like a hermit,eagerly waiting for me to finish my musings so he can use the laptop to revise for a science test - sorry mate just a bit longer! Teenager has finished her exams for this year(except science practicals which she is doing during lesson time)Yesterday she had a world of work day at school which consisited of the army coming in and doing a team building exercise with the kids.You know get from point to point using amo box and planks of wood without touching the ground.This she loved, what she didn't like was the sales pitch the pompous old dude (her words) gave them afterwards. Hey wait a minute I signed a form saying she could take part, not that you could try and recruit my 15yr old - Hands off! The afternoon consisted of a mock interview with a local company.(This we knew was happening so we spent last Saturday looking for a suitable top to team with her school trousers to turn them into an interview outfit,this we accomlpished and with the addition of my jacket she looked very smart and grown up-so much so that her maths teacher of 4yrs almost didn't recognise her)In the feedback session the woman told teenager that a) there was nothing she needed to work on b) if it had been a real interview she'd have got the job. Way to go offspring!
My week has consisited of decorating,tidying,paperwork and yesterday - joy the carpet finally being fitted, cause for celebration - except the heavy rain Wed night showed we still had a leak somewhere and the floor under the stairs was wet - count to 10.Solution was to ask the nice man to leave that area,his solution was to fit carpet and roll it back for me - yay him. We're hoping we may have discovered where the prob lay, now we have to try and fix it, sooner rather tha later as we've discovered the skirting board is rotten too.
Now it's Friday, the kids have an inset day so we're all tucked up inside, away from the nasty weather and I'm hoping things improve next week.

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