Thursday, 9 August 2012

Into Fire - Brittany Westerberg

Into Fire is Brittany's first novel and it is an engaging read - I read it in one day.

"The fifteen year old Leora had always planned her entire life around working with her brother and father in their gemsmithing shop. She enjoyed it, she was good at it, and she wanted nothing more than to do it. But fate had other plans for Leora.
On a day like any other, Leora's life was turned upside-down when two strangers visited her and informed her family that she had the power of a Mage—abilities she had always been raised to fear. As they seek to whisk her away and train her in her abilities, Leora must decide whether to remain in the family business, or explore these amazing abilities, and, a potential link to her mother.
Deciding to embrace the adventure, Leora learns that there is a lot more in the world outside her home than she thought. With new allies, challenges, experiences, and problems she never knew even existed, Leora must accept the person she was meant to become or lose everything that ever meant anything to her."

Leora is a feisty character from the start (which is a nice surprise) and most of the other mage's who come into contact with her agree she is likely to get into trouble-which she does!

The book had all the right ingredients, trainee magic, love intreest,bad guys and intresting characters. If you like an easy read with magic and fantasy thrown in I would definitely try this book. I hope there may be a sequel in the future. The book is available in kindle and paperback form. The link will take you to .uk but is it available on too.

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