Saturday, 24 November 2012

Gift Ideas

With the Christmas season fast approaching I thought I’d put together a little gift guide – of course there will be lots of books on there – but surprisingly some other things too. There’s something for everyone; from youngsters to adults. Take a look; help out an artist and get something a little bit different. Simply follow the link to the relevant pages and be prepared to part with some money.

For books for youngsters, from the under 5’s upwards visit or\author\mariegodley  

For Poetry take a look at 

For the teenager in your life, especially if they are into wolves (especially shape shifting ones)

A collection of horror stories can be found at

Okay, I know, I promised something other than books – although how can you go wrong with a book as a gift?
For stunning and unusual pictures.


For traditional jewellery
 And for jewellery made from vegetable ivory visit
Thank you to Adam Hollier for allowing me to use his photo.

I hope this list has inspired you on your quest for the perfect gift.


Merry Christmas



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