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Meet Annie Mouse

Where did the Annie Mouse character come from?

  I am an early childhood/ elementary education professor, a former remedial reading teacher, a gifted education specialist and an early childhood expert.  Those areas combined to form my passion for using literature for social-emotional growth and healing for children.   I was actually working on an academic research project on imaginary friends when a vivid dream changed my focus from an academic research article to the children’s book that became Annie Mouse Meets her Guardian Angel.

How long have you been writing? 

 Since I was a child and learned to write.   I have been a published author since 1994.  I have had several articles published in peer-reviewed academic journals and educational newsletters.  I began writing children’s books in 2002.

What was your first book?   

 Annie Mouse Meets her Guardian Angel was first published in 2004.

Annie is a shy, quiet little mouse who often is confused and misinterprets events in the world around her.  When Mommy Mouse yells, she believes Mommy doesn’t love her. A perfect opportunity to reassure your children at the end of the day that even though you might lose your temper or scold, you still love them. For ages 2-8.

Do the ideas come to you for Annie or do you purposely write them for a given situation? 

  After I felt guided into writing the first book, I realized that many of the stories that I used as examples in my workshops could also be “Annie Adventures.”    Each story is very personal; coming from a conglomeration of actual experiences I have had as a child, parent and teacher.  In Annie Mouse Meets a New Friend, my illustrator interpreted my text from a very personal place and I actually altered the text to blend my original story with her personal story.  Annie Mouse’s Route 66 Adventure: A Photo Journal evolved from my passion for traveling Route 66 and it just seemed like a natural thing to have the Mouse family take a road trip—putting their cares behind them, exploring the country and bonding as a family.

Annie Mouse’s Route 66 Adventure: A Photo Journal is the fifth in the series.  In this episode, The Mouse family puts their cares behind them and take a road trip along Route 66- The Mother Road.  Children learn about US History, Geography and so much more in this book.  But it’s not just for children! People of all ages enjoy this book as it is filled with actual photographs from Route 66.
Look for the print versions of Annie Mouse’s Route 66 Adventure at various Historic Route 66 independent establishments. A purchase from one of those businesses helps keep Route 66 alive.

What is your favourite thing about being an author? 

Finding out that one of my books made a genuine difference in someone’s life.  I have had many people in tears telling me how my first book, Annie Mouse Meets her Guardian Angel, helped them to understand their children’s feelings.  In the book, Annie thinks her mommy doesn’t love her because she yells a lot.  One mom said she bought the book so that she could tell her child, “Look at how good you have it- I’m not like this mommy.”  She was shocked when her daughter told her, “That’s how I feel.” She had no idea her angry, hostile child was behaving that way because she thought her mommy didn’t love her!  Another mom told me that she was able to forgive her own mother for yelling too much- she never stopped to think about the stress her mom must have been under raising a large family with a husband who worked long hours.  Another mom came to a book signing event and purchased Baby Brother Goes to the Hospital with tears in her eyes.  Her younger son was about to have open-heart surgery and she said the book was exactly what she needed to open up a discussion about what was happening with her other children. That’s what my books are all about- helping people to build family communication, and when I know one of my books has helped even one person, I know that I am on the right path.

Would you like to see your books adapted for TV? 

 I would LOVE to see Annie Mouse as an animated character.  There are so many situations she could get herself into, all of them things that young children would easily be able to identify with.  I do expect that to happen one day.
Where can people buy your books?
All of my print books are available on my website:
My books are available in print and e-book versions on Amazon.  My author page that lists all of my books is:
Author Bio – Anne Maro Slanina
As I stated earlier, I am a professor in a teacher education program at a university in Western Pennsylvania. I began my teaching career in a kindergarten classroom. I love working with young children. I never stopped going to school, since I believe educators should be committed to life-long learning, so I continued to take graduate courses and earned my masters degree in reading education and my Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in gifted child education. I taught remedial reading for many years and was struck by how many of the students with reading difficulties were struggling with social and emotional difficulties. I began focusing on using children’s literature to not only guide reading development but also help children relate to characters in books for their own personal growth and development. Writing children’s books for this purpose was a natural progression in my career.  It also gives me an opportunity to continue interacting with young children in a classroom environment.

Where can people find out more about you?
My web site is:

My fan facebook page is:

The link to my blog is found on the homepage of my website and it is where I list the most current information.

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I want to thank Annie Mouse and her creator Anne for stopping by today. There are lots more Annie Mouse books in the series so be sure to look for them.

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