Tuesday, 30 July 2013

From Writing to Beta Readers

Normally when I've finished writing my novel, I send it out to a couple of friends (who give me feedback - make that helpful feedback) get my family to read it, then send it out to agents/publishers. This is true in the case of my YA novel, but after many rejections and some feedback from the publishers I re worked it. Now instead of blindly sending it out to publishers again, I put a call out for beta readers. This is a new area for me. I have about six people who are reading it.

The first has come back to me saying that she enjoyed the story and wanted to read the sequel. Lovely words. I am waiting to see what the response is from everyone else. I am looking forward to what they have to say, even (and maybe especially) if they point out some areas that need improving. Because that is the way I will learn and know that when I send it back out to the literary world, it stands a good chance of being taken on.

In the meantime I have beta read for a couple of other authors and I'm mulling a story idea round in my head that is beginning to take shape. However keen I am to get the novel back out there I do need this time and distance - and if it fires me up to do more writing, then that is a happy bonus.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed whilst I wait to hear back from my beta readers and for the future.
I'll let you know how successful it was.

Good Luck to anyone else who's in the same position or waiting to hear about a submission.

Keep thinking positive thoughts,



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