Saturday, 21 April 2012

Finished Book

I finished writing my YA novel on Thursday,well when I say finished,I wrote and typed up the last chapter. I know I will have to edit it to make sure it's as good as I can make it. My teenage daughter has to proof it and offer any comments, as will a few trusted friends. I decided, that until I had all the feedback in, I wouldn't touch it. I know that one day next week I will read through it and make any changes but until then I'd have a break from it.I thought I'd be quite pleased to be free of it for a few days; How wrong was I? Friday I spent all day trying to resist picking it up to read. Today (Saturday has been easier, as I've been busy with family. I've lived with these characters for nearly a year and they are still talking to me, maybe it's because I know that the book isn't completely finished! I had very mixed emotions on completing my book, the evening before I was excited because I knew I would finish the next day but on Thursday, as I typed the last word, I felt a bit empty. Of course, I know that once I do finally decide the novel is finished, I shall be busy trying to find representation for it, so it will be a while before my mind can focus on something else. Writing is a consuming business!

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