Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Titanic Deception - John & Toni Rakestraw

With 2012 marking the 100th anniversary of the sailing and sinking of the Titanic it was always going to be the year for news reports, documentaries and books about the famous ship. One such book is Titanic Deception by John and Toni Rakestraw, but this isn’t a nonfiction book, this is a mystery story set in present day, with flash backs to 1911 and the diary accounts of a survivor of that fateful journey in 1912.

“With stars in her eyes, Alice Clarke boards the Titanic, heading to a new life. On board, she falls in love, only to lose him in the disaster. He leaves her with a pocketwatch, which holds more secrets than she realizes.
Her great-grandson, Michael Kearney, inherits her diary. When he overhears an unusual story about why the ship was wrecked, he finally reads it and finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy that stretches across a century involving some very powerful people.
With the help of Soft Kitty, an irascible conspiracy theorist, and his girlfriend, Sylvia, he must bring the truth to light and bring down the men behind it, no matter what the cost. Maybe some secrets are better left at the bottom of the sea.” Titanic Deception – John and Toni Rakestraw

I enjoyed reading the Titanic Deception, the conspiracy theory the book is based on is one I’d heard before but it was cleverly woven into the story and the fictional characters worked well alongside their more famous counterparts.
I particularly liked the description used when introducing Michael, as he blended into the background whilst going about his job of serving a meal to executives, at the firm where he worked. It is because of this ability that he first hears about the conspiracy theory surrounding the Titanic and from there on he makes decisions that will not only put his life in danger but change it forever.
If you like mystery stories, especially those based on an historical event, you will like Titanic Deception.

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