Thursday, 18 April 2013

Kourageous Kids Storybooks is an amazing group that make books for children with cancer, making them the hero of the story. Watch the trailer to find out more.

When I heard that the owners needed more writers to write stories for the children I offered to help them out. After a few emails with Danielle she sent me the info for the child I was to write a story for.

That was when the self doubt monster dug his claws in. (For those of you who have read my blog before you'll know that he is a frequent visitor whenever I'm writing) I read the info and was close to tears. This story was SO important, and I didn't know where to begin.

Except I did - really - I just needed to step back, make a cup of tea (yes those of you who know me well - know that I'm never far from a cup of tea) and breathe. That done I printed out the child's info (her favourite things) and began to think and scribble down ideas. I also had to do some research on the things that she liked that I knew nothing about. That done I went to bed and put a documentary on the TV - something to stop me thinking, except of course that it didn't really work, but what it did do was distract me enough that a proper idea came to me for a story. I scribbled it down (in the very dingy light coming from the TV) and put it to one side until the next day.

The next day I wrote the story, hardly needing to glance at my notes because the idea was firmly stuck in my mind. After printing it out and tweaking it, I left it until my daughter came home then got her to read it. She liked it so I sent it straight to Danielle.

Because of the time difference it was only this morning when I opened my emails I found one saying that the story was going to be sent to the Mum for any fine tuning and the second one to say that the Mum loved it and the story was going to editing.

I am a very happy person right now.


To find out more about this organisation visit them on Facebook

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