Thursday, 17 September 2015

Battle for the Throne


Today I'd like to introduce you to Battle for the Throne by E.J.Willis.
Cover Blurb:

Alaina must fight to free the Kingdom of Falyncia from a demon who has taken control. The demon, however, will stop at nothing to destroy her. When he threatens all she holds dear, Alaina risks everything to save those she loves. Will it be enough? Or will the demon triumph over all?
And what about the author herself?

About the Author

E. J. Willis was inspired to write a story for her niece and nephew after she read a dedication from  C.S. Lewis to his goddaughter. The idea grew into a life-changing passion. Her friends are often amused (and perhaps a little worried) by her obsession with creating characters and their various trials. She shares her home in the Midwest with two cats and a cat-like dog that at times make life a little too interesting. While you're waiting for the next book in the Tales from Falyncia series, you can follow her short stories at Happy reading! :)
You can find out more by visiting her author page where there are some of her latest blog postings:
And although you can get to the book from there, here is the link for that too: Amazon.Com
I want to thank E.J for letting me spotlight her book today, and thank you to my lovely readers for taking the time to visit with me once again.

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