Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Order of the Four Sons


Today it is my pleasure to bring you the new cover for The Order of the Four Sons. The book is due to be published on the 25th September 2015.

Cover Blurb:
 Enter the world of the Order. For centuries, two ancient, magical sects, the Order of the Four Sons of Horus and Starry Wisdom, have battled for possession of the sacred, powerful Staff of Solomon. Whoever possesses the staff can open doors to other dimensions—or rip open the very fabric of existence. The staff was broken into pieces and scattered across the cosmos. Now, a member of the Order, Fernando Rios, has disappeared in a small Missouri town. When a team is sent to investigate, they discover that Rios was close to finding one of the lost segments. The problem is, he wasn’t the only one. The Order of the Four Sons by Coyote Kishpaugh and Lauren Scharhag is a classic tale of good versus evil. An epic, magical journey of fantasy and adventure. Join members of the team, Colonel JD Garnett, novice mage Kate West, Detective Ryan Murphy, scholar Doug Grigori, and field techs Bill Welsh and Cecil Morgan, as they race to stop evil from destroying not just Earth, but a myriad of worlds. And life as we know it.

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Thank you for letting me be a part of your cover reveal and Good Luck with your book.