Wednesday, 6 July 2016

A Breath of Paranormal Downfall

Today is all about secrets as I feature another Breath of Paranormal author. Meet S.D. Wasley.

S.D. Wasley was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia. She has been composing literary works since before she could write – at five years of age she announced her first poem in the kitchen, improv-style. About 20 years later she earned a PhD in communications. She writes in a range of genres including young adult, paranormal, mystery, new adult romance, and short stories.

Her debut novel was published in early 2015 through Evernight Teen. Today, she lives and writes in a wine region with her partner and two daughters, surrounded by dogs, cats and chickens.

Her Book:


The Incorruptibles Book 1

Furtive meetings in an underground chamber ... Latin words carved into a stone wall ... intense desire ... and a secret so elusive she’ll do almost anything to bust it open. Until now, Frankie never believed in grand passions—but that’s not the only one of her beliefs about to implode right before her eyes.

This could be Frankie’s downfall.

A mysterious addition to the set.

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Tomorrow, join us for a trip in time.