Saturday, 25 May 2013

Day Two - Book Two

Welcome back to my Three Days - Three Books post.

Today is the turn of Time Slide


Put yourself in Jerry's shoes... His parents have been invited to China to take part in an archaeological dig. Because it is the summer holiday, he and his sister Sammy are going along. Jerry and Sammy meet some interesting people, and they find a beautiful hair slide. All seems great, but things are already starting to go wrong. Suddenly, Sammy thinks she is having visions from the past. They soon discover that the hair slide is linked to an old portrait in the museum and an old Mongolian tale. Jerry's summer is about to get very complicated...
Time Slide is a time travel adventure set in ancient China for 8+ (I've had great feedback from a couple of 10yr olds) although it is written in short chapters so it can easily be read as a bedtime story.

It is available form most online shops and can be orders through bookshops. has it on sale at the moment - click on the link below:

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my second book and have fun reading it. Tomorrow we switch seasons to Christmas with my book The Special Christmas Bear.

See you then

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