Friday, 24 May 2013

Three Books - Three Days

I've happily had some great guests, spotlight posts or reviews to do lately, which means I've neglected  my own books. So to remedy the situation I'm going to be posting about one book each day for the next three days.

I'll start with The Guardian of the Globe


After buying a beautiful snow globe, Phoebe finds herself pulled inside! Zoozer the unicorn has been kidnapped by a troll and is being taken to the evil wizard Mishra who wants to steal his powers. Summoned by the sorceress Vivien, Phoebe must find a way to stop him. How will she trick the troll? Will she succeed? Join Phoebe and her new friends Capstan the stag and Skimpish the wood elf as they hurry to catch up with the troll and save Zoozer.

This is a fantasy book for beginners, having short chapters with illustrations, but can easily be used as a bedtime story too.

The Guardian of the Globe is available from most online retailers or you can order it from your local bookshop. Links to amazon where in the UK it is currently on sale.

I hope you enjoyed this quick look at my book and have fun reading it for yourself. Come back tomorrow when I will be showcasing Time Slide.
Thanks Marie
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  1. Beautiful books. I have my copies and the children love them! Thank you very much for the note and signature, that just makes them extra special! :-) x

  2. You're welcome Jess and I'm glad the children like them.